Noticias de Guipúzcoa, 17 May 2021

In a nod to that famous sonnet written by Quevedo: Once upon a time a man stuck to a nose… with Iñaki Alberdi it can be transformed into Once upon a time a man stuck to an accordion. Since he started studying this instrument at the age of 13, it has become his inseparable companion, as if it were a natural extension of his body, which breathes and vibrates with him. It accompanies him wherever he goes, and despite its nearly 16 kilos, he does not hesitate to take it wherever he needs to go for the photo shoot. The appointment with Iñaki Alberdi is in Pamplona, in Baluarte, where he has made a stop in his work schedule to give the chamber concert Piazzola Alberdi, accompanied by a classical guitar, a double bass and a violin, and which is part of a tour that began on 26 January 2020, but was paralysed by the covid.
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