May 29, 2021 | 8:30 pm June 5, 2021
Naves del Matadero, Temporada 20-21 Teatro Real

Chamber opera based on the play of the same name (1944) by Max Aub
Music and libretto by Jesús Torres (1965)

New production of the Teatro Real, in coproduction with the Teatro Español

Principal orchestra of the Teatro Real
(Madrid Symphony Orchestra)

Artistic team

Musical Director: Jordi Francés
Stage director: Eduardo Vasco
Stage designer: Carolina González
Figurinist | Lorenzo Caprile
Lighting designer : Miguel Ángel Camacho

Cast :

Tránsito I Lydia Vinyes-Curtis
Emilio I Isaac Galán
Cruz I María Miró
Alfredo I Javier Franco
Pedro I José Manuel Sánchez